Frequently Asked Questions

A flipped classroom is a new, more efficient way to study complex material. In the flipped classroom model, lecture videos are the homework. Classroom time is spent on Q&A.

In the Cogence flipped classroom, the functional immunology videos are the homework. The weekly Q&A webinars are the classroom sessions. You watch the videos whenever you want, at your own pace, in whatever environment suits your learning best. You can rewind if you get distracted or need to move through a passage again to understand it. You ask questions in the weekly Q&A webinar, and by posting questions and getting answers any time on the Q&A Forum. The threads on the Q&A Forum are archived, so you can also search previous question threads before posting a new question.

Membership cycles are 12 months long. We will alert you by email you 4 weeks, 2 weeks, and 2 days ahead that your membership is due to expire. Normally, the cost of renewing your membership for each successive 12 month period is $300, which equates to $20 per month. Currently, Pure Encapsulations has arranged to cover the cost of your renewal. You can go to the Pure Encapsulations website to retrieve the coupon by clicking here. You can look in your account settings to see when your membership expires.

No. Your membership entitles you to your own unlimited access to the Cogence materials online, anytime, at, but does not entitle you to possess the videos. That would be a violation of Cogence’s copyright, which carries substantial legal penalties.

You can post questions and get answers in the Q&A Forum any time. You can also join the weekly Q&A Webinar.

The Q&A webinars are not recorded. The Q&A Forum threads are archived and searchable. The Clinical Pearls & Research Updates Archive is also searchable.

You should be able to use any standard PC or Mac-based desktop, laptop, or tablet. If you’re having any issues please feel free to contact us for support.

At this time, there is no formal plan to provide a certification associated with the Cogence Immunology course. If that changes, we will inform all Cogence Community members.

As long as you maintain your membership, you have access to the materials. Copying Cogence videos onto your computer is a felony.

At this time, Cogence doesn’t offer continuing ed credit. If that changes, we will inform the Cogence community.

Yes. You can contact us to get details about individual consultation.

Please contact us in order to send a description of your problem. Be as detailed as possible. Tell us what kind of computer you have and what operating system you’re using, including the version number. Send a screenshot of what you’re observing, if applicable.