Cogence Immunology: Unlocking the Causes of Disease and Dysfunction

Patients often seek functional medicine options when conventional approaches fail them. For these patients, you can’t just try things at the level of “I heard this herb was good for asthma…” You need to understand what’s under the hood, identify underlying patterns of dysfunction, and apply targeted solutions. Most of those mechanisms, most of the targets, most of the solutions, are fundamentally immunological. So, you need to know the immunology to navigate that world effectively.


Mastering Immunological Mechanisms

Typical clinical practice norms lag the research by ten to fifteen years. Patients with complex chronic illness can’t wait. They need a clinical approach based on emerging research, skillfully applied by clinicians who have the knowledge to handle their cases. The key drivers underlying most disease processes… inflammation, autoimmunity, infection, GI issues, food reactions, tissue degeneration, environmental factors, etc., are all either inherently immunological or are powerfully influenced by immunological mechanisms. Cogence Immunology gives you mastery of these key drivers, so you can understand your patients’ problems with far greater insight, manage their cases with far greater skill, and share with your patients the fulfillment of seeing them improve.


Learning Using a “Flipped Classroom” Model

Cogence Immunology uses a “flipped classroom” model. Instead of paying for travel and hotels to hear a canned presentation, then going home and wondering what it meant, you study the lecture videos on your own, rewinding and reviewing if you want to hear something more than once, and accumulating the questions that inevitably arise. Whenever you want, you attend the weekly live webinars, where Dr. Yanuck answers your questions and discusses the material. Lecture videos at home + posting questions and cases in the online forum + Q&A and case webinars in the online classroom = flipped classroom. It’s more efficient, less expensive, and you do it all from your own desk, at your own pace.

“A perfect, systematic, build-on-what-you-learn method”

– Amy Cross
Cogence Member

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Functional Immunology Modules

The Cogence Functional Immunology curriculum consists of over 200 instructional videos, each 20 to 50 minutes long, grouped into 22 modules covering a wide range of topics. You will find every video full of clinical applications and relevant to many of your cases.

Module 1
Module 2
Advanced Topics in
Module 3
Innate Immune Cell Functions
and Applications
Module 4
T Cell Polarization
and Th1, Th2
Module 5
Th17 Cells and
Module 6
Tregs, Autoimmune
Mechanisms, MDSCs
Module 7
T Cell Polarization
– Advanced Concepts
Module 8
Key Immune Balance
Module 9
Glutathione, TGFbeta,
Module 10
Advanced Immunology
Module 11
Clinical Keys for Other
Immune Cells
Module 12
Cell Plasticity and Morphology,
Pathogen Evasion
Module 13
Immunological Influences of Foods and Nutrients
Module 14
 Food Sensitivity, Infection, and Inflammation
Module 15
Vagus, Autophagy, IBD, IBS, Biofilms
Module 16
SIBO, IBS, Sinus, Lung, Bladder, Other Biofilm Targets
Module 17
Gut-Brain Issues, Probiotics, and Other GI Factors
Module 18
Immunology of  Viral Illness
Module 19
Module 20
Brain Autoimmunity
and Depression
Module 21
Brain Autoimmunity, Dementia, and Demyelination
Module 22
Immunological Factors in Lab Interpretation