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Dr. Jeffrey Bland | Father of Functional Medicine

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Cogence offers the most deep dive functional immunology learning experience anywhere. Designed by learning experts to be rigorous yet intuitive, Cogence connects the underlying immunology with clinical applications, so you can navigate each patient’s unique clinical pattern.


Map cases more effectively, with less frustration

You’ll learn how to understand your patients more deeply, map their cases more effectively, and help them more dramatically.


Membership includes:

  • Full access to 22 learning modules
  • A reference library of 200+ videos
  • The weekly webinar where we discuss cases and do open Q&A
  • The forum, where you can post and search questions 24/7
  • Periodic Clinical Pearls by email
  • A 15 month membership costs $3,000, paid as $750 x 4 months. Renewing members pay $300, which equates to $20 per month


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The first two free videos are below. Start today and get free access to five additional videos, and more. Learn where and when you are most comfortable and focused, without the time and expense of travel.

Introductory Module

Video 1: Core Immune Flowchart

Introductory Module

Video 2: Immunology of Inflammation

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22 Functional Immunology Learning Modules designed by learning experts, so it feels intuitive

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