"Cogence Immunology is a tour de force..."

Dr. Jeffrey Bland | Father of Functional Medicine

Find Out Just How Good You Can Be.

There is now enough immunology research that we have a framework for understanding how the system works, so you can navigate it for any kind of patient.

Cogence offers the most rigorous, deep dive functional immunology learning experience anywhere, so you can achieve amazing results systematically.

“It’s so helpful for me to understand better what’s going on with my patients, how my treatments are going to help or not help depending on what the underlying dynamics are.”

–Dr. Amy Bruton Functional Medicine  | Gynecology

Membership includes:

  • Access to the fully online flipped classroom learning environment
  • Over 200 instructional videos – learn anytime at your own pace
  • Member Forum – post questions and cases anytime
  • Question and answer webinars
  • Research updates and clinical pearls
  • Advanced topic modules

Learn how functional immunology can impact your practice

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Become a more effective and successful clinician with Functional Immunology

Over 200 in-depth videos let you learn at your own pace as you master an understanding of your patients’ problems with far greater insight. Learn how to manage their cases with far greater skill, and share with your patients the fulfillment of seeing them improve.

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