Integrate alternative treatments with a research-based understanding of your patients’ conditions

Increase your effectiveness with research-based insights into the specific immune system targets impacted by Chinese herbs and other substances.

Develop a more holistic clinical method combining an eastern approach to treatment with western insights to increase the efficiency with which you use dietary changes and herbal and nutritional approaches to target the underlying causes of your most difficult patients’ conditions.

Gain a deeper insight into your patient’s conditions

Learn to address complex physiology at a deep and detailed level of discernment to help you achieve success with even your most complicated patients.

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Member Benefits

Cogence Community

Become part of an exclusive group taking their practices and careers to the next level.

Question and Answer Webinar

Regular live webinar offering real-time interaction with Dr. Yanuck. Ask questions and glean insights directly from the course developer.

Member’s Forum

An opportunity to interact with your peers, ask questions, and engage in discussions in a familiar forum format.

Research Updates

Periodic emails describing new immunology research and its implications and applications in clinical practice.

Clinical Pearls

Email updates of clinical observations and emerging insights in functional immunology.

Advanced Modules

An opportunity to access additional modules on advanced clinical applications that augment and reinforce the core course. (Launching in 2018)

Continuing Education

Get continuing education credit in your degree area (check availability of continuing ed credit for your degree). (Launching in 2018)

Service Referral

We will refer patients seeking clinicians to members in good standing with appropriate skill sets in their geographic area.

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