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Today, more and more patients are presenting with chronic and hard to treat conditions. Often these individuals have exhausted traditional treatment methods, and are turning to you as a last resort. How do you consistently provide the help they need?

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What is Functional Immunology?

The immune system is one of the three pillars of human physiology. Along with the nervous and endocrine systems, the immune system regulates every biological function in the body. Every disease, every dysregulation of function, every inflammatory, metabolic or autoimmune problem in the body is either directly caused by or made worse by immune system dysfunction.

Cogence Functional Immunology is a rigorous online course that teaches you the detailed strategies you need to succeed with complex cases. Once you’ve mastered the information in the Cogence Functional Immunology course, you’ll wonder how you ever practiced without it.

How will it help you?

Functional Immunology complements your existing skill set while greatly expanding your knowledge of key clinical targets and the tools to address them effectively.

Who will benefit?

All clinicians will benefit by gaining the knowledge and insights needed to treat even the most complex cases. To learn how it will help you, click on your practice area below.

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Over 200 in-depth videos let you learn at your own pace as you master an understanding of your patients’ problems with far greater insight. Learn how to manage their cases with far greater skill, and share with your patients the fulfillment of seeing them improve.

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