Member Benefits

Become Part of the Cogence Community

When you enroll in Cogence Immunology, you get over 200 in-depth instructional videos designed to make you a better, more confident clinician. And you also get more: you become part of an exclusive community taking their practices and careers to the next level. You’ll have access to Cogence founder Dr. Sam Yanuck through Question and Answer Webinars. You’ll be able to engage in discussions with fellow students, post and review cases and learn from each other as well as from the videos. You will also be able to purchase Advanced Modules that provide additional insights into hard-to-treat conditions and difficult cases.

Question and Answer Webinars

Have Your Questions Answered in Real Time

As a Cogence member, you will be able to participate in a weekly live question and answer webinar with Dr. Yanuck. This is your opportunity to engage one-on-one with the developer of the Cogence Immunology curriculum.

How it works

Q&A webinars are scheduled at rotating times to maximize the fit to member schedules. Members are notified by email, as well as via a notification on your member dashboard, with a link to launch the webinar. By clicking the link and following the login instructions, you will join Dr. Yanuck and your fellow members in a real-time question and answer session.

Member Forums

Interact With Your Peers, Ask Questions and Get Answers From the Community.

Organized in a familiar bulletin board style, the Member Forum is a great way to continue the conversation with Dr. Yanuck and with members of the Cogence community. Become more engaged in the Cogence community, share your questions, cases, and observations, and help shape the future of functional immunology.

Research Updates and Clinical Pearls

Email updates of clinical observations and emerging research in Functional Immunology

At Cogence, we’re constantly studying the current immunology research, refining clinical applications, and consulting with researchers and clinicians. When we see new research worth spreading the word about, we’ll email you a Research Update. When a new clinical insight or observation is becoming clear and consistent enough to share, we’ll email you a Clinical Pearl.

Advanced Modules (Launching in 2018)

Deepen your understanding of specific topic areas in functional Immunology

Advanced Modules are a great way to augment the core course material. Choose from an ever-growing array of subjects to focus your learning on those areas that you want to master. Each module is available individually, and once purchased, is a valuable tool you can refer to again and again. Access to your modules never expires, as long as you remain a member in good standing. With the Advanced Modules, you make your membership a more rewarding experience.

Watch a Sample Video

Watch an excerpt from an actual module. See how Dr. Yanuck sets up each lesson with a “white board” overview and get a taste of the detailed approach to the subject. Experience for yourself how Cogence Immunology can give you the knowledge you need to impact your practice.

Cogence Community

Become part of an exclusive group taking their practices and careers to the next level.

Question and Answer Webinars

Regular live webinar offering real-time interaction with Dr. Yanuck. Ask questions and glean insights directly from the course developer.

Member’s Forum

An opportunity to interact with your peers, ask questions, and engage in discussions in a familiar forum format.

Research Updates

Periodic emails describing new immunology research and its implications and applications in clinical practice.

Clinical Pearls

Email updates of clinical observations and emerging insights in functional immunology.

Advanced Modules

An opportunity to access additional modules on advanced clinical applications that augment and reinforce the core course. (Launching in 2018)

Continuing Education

Get continuing education credit in your degree area (check availability of continuing ed credit for your degree). (Launching in 2018)

Referral Service

We will refer patients seeking clinicians to members in good standing with appropriate skill sets in their geographic area.

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