Advanced Modules

Deepen your understanding of specific topic areas in functional immunology

Advanced Modules are a great way to augment the core course material. Choose from an ever-growing array of subjects to focus your learning on those areas that you want to master. Each module is available individually, and once purchased, is a valuable tool you can refer to again and again. Access to your modules never expires, as long as you remain a member in good standing. With the Advanced Modules, you make your membership a more rewarding experience.

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Advanced Modules

The Advanced Modules focus on specific areas of study, and provide additional depth and nuance to the core immunology modules. New modules will be added regularly to give members access to new material.

Advanced Module 1

Renal Health in the
Autoimmune Patient

Advanced Module 2

Clinical Factors in
Respiratory Immunology

Advanced Module 3

Functional Immunology and
Genetic Testing

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